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In , we will partner with tourism stakeholders to connect prospective and existing tourism businesses with the tourism growth opportunities available throughout the province using Tourism Opportunities Sessions.

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In November , our Government will launch a new municipal leasing program that will allow municipalities to access Crown Lands within their municipal planning boundaries for economic development purposes through long-term leases with flexible payment options, including payment deferral until the development is generating revenue. In , our Government will provide Crown Lands applications online and will have implemented new, publicly available, streamlined approval processes. The new Departmental structure eliminates these silos and instead focuses on addressing key challenges that firms operating in all sectors of the economy face when entering new markets and expanding their operations.

To enhance sector diversification efforts, beginning in , our Government will implement an evidence-based framework for the identification of target sectors, using an industry partnership approach. This approach will require engagement of various industry partners and the use of research tools, such as asset mapping, to complete gap analysis, assess regional demand and capacity of a sector to fulfill that demand, and determine levels of competitiveness.

Also in , our Government will commence the development of a comprehensive human resource plan to support sector diversification and the development of a productive and knowledge-intensive economy. This plan will be informed by forecasted labour market opportunities and enhanced labour market information products to assist in workforce planning for individuals and businesses. Further, by March 31, , our Government will have collaborated with sector associations and industry groups to better respond to their private sector labour market needs and support industry diversification.

This work will include working with priority sectors, including the agriculture, aquaculture, and oil and gas industries. Competitive taxation is a key contributor to attracting investment. To guide the review, an independent five-person committee of members with backgrounds in economics, taxation and public policy was appointed.

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The main objectives of the independent tax review are to:. The Independent Tax Review Committee has been mandated to complete its review and submit a final report to the Minister of Finance in By March 31, , our Government will explore opportunities to introduce International Entrepreneur and International Graduate Entrepreneur categories under the Provincial Nominee Program.

In , we will explore including these new categories with the Government of Canada, as the final decision to introduce these categories rests with the federal government. The International Graduate Entrepreneur category has the potential to enable international graduates from our post-secondary institutions, who decide to go on to start businesses in our province, to remain here and create economic opportunities for themselves and their employees.

Minerals and metals are essential ingredients of a green and technologically advanced economy. Our government intends to seize this opportunity.

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles and other new technologies that require metals such as nickel, copper and cobalt, which our province has in abundance, there is even greater potential for growth in our mining industry. In , in collaboration with the mining industry and community stakeholders, we will develop a strategic framework for growing the provincial mining sector in a manner that is responsible, sustainable, competitive and supportive of private-sector investments and job growth in our rural areas.

Women are greatly under-represented in all types of leadership roles, including managerial positions, in politics and on boards.

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The province loses an opportunity for valuable insight and expertise when women do not meaningfully participate in, or are excluded from, leadership opportunities. In , to address this important issue, our government will:. A viable commercial fishing industry is important to the development and sustainability of our economy, in particular in rural communities where the fishery is often a main employer.

In , our government will engage industry stakeholders, the federal government and other provincial and territorial governments to seek market access and value-added opportunities for fish and seafood products to increase employment and the economic benefits of available fish resources. We will also hold a focus group with representatives of the fishing industry to discuss the opportunities presented by the Atlantic Fisheries Fund. The Government of Canada and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador fund projects to boost sustainability in the fish and seafood sector.

Tourism product development includes the delivery of travel experiences that are desired by travelers and that highlight the unique aspects of a region to draw travelers to the destination. In addition to the Provincial Plan, announced in Phase 1, our Government is also working with industry partners to implement five regional destination development plans. Connecting to Grow Tourism Experiences and Opportunities. A co-operative is a business or other organization that is run jointly by its members.

In many jurisdictions, co-operatives have proven to be incredibly important in driving business and economic activity and delivering key services. Co-operatives enable businesses and individuals to come together to satisfy market demands, create new opportunities and address sustainability. There is significant opportunity to continue to grow the use of the co-op model by citizens in Newfoundland and Labrador. The key priority of this partnership is to enhance the development and promotion of the co-operative model to support business growth in rural communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

This partnership expires in , and Government will work to develop a renewed memorandum of understanding with NLFC by September 30, The new memorandum of understanding will include activities targeting credit unions that have a desire to participate. To ensure access for entrepreneurs at various stages of business development, this will include short term businesses, such as a summer operation, as well as long term business proposals.

This increased level is intended to be a catalyst for advancing innovative business ideas, succession planning opportunities and developing entrepreneurial leaders. The fund will provide financing to youth who would otherwise not receive support because of age, risk or stage of business, and will be designed as a launching point for access to services from various sources.

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This includes business counselling and access to other seed capital opportunities. A strategic effort will be made to increase promotion of the fund to youth in all regions of the province. Provincial Government Supports Young Entrepreneurs. To enhance regional innovation potential and competitiveness, our Government will coordinate and facilitate five Regional Innovation Systems pilot projects. The Regional Innovation Systems pilots will foster and support regional cooperation, build networks to support innovation, advance regional opportunities and promote and facilitate information sharing and collective action.

The pilots do not include more operational structures, but rather a better way of advancing economic development through more formal cooperative approaches among existing players. Building on the work announced in Phase 1, by September 30, , our Government will begin implementation of the five Regional Innovation Systems pilot projects located in:. For different reasons, some adults did not have the opportunity to build a strong educational foundation early in their lives.

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians must be supported to acquire new skills throughout their lives in order to obtain and maintain employment. Literacy supports are therefore essential to building a strong and inclusive workforce. In , our government will develop a new Adult Literacy Action Plan. Our approach will consider how to build an even more empowered, skilled and ready workforce for our increasingly knowledge-based economy. A sense of arrival is the welcome and warmth that visitors feel once they have reached their destination.

Ideally, this sense of arrival is in keeping with the perceptions generated through the promotional activities and in meeting expectations of the vacation experience in the mind of the visitor prior to the trip. By March 31, , our Government will collaborate with tourism operators, municipalities and transportation organizations at major entry points, gateways, hubs and attractions to establish common sense of arrival goals and priorities and initiate partnership activities.

This collaboration will include developing market-readiness guidelines that outline best practices for welcome, beautification opportunities, wayfinding, signage and other visitor services. Improving the Sense of Arrival to Newfoundland and Labrador. The JobsNL Wage Subsidy Program provides funding to private-sector and non-profit employers to create long-term or seasonal employment opportunities, particularly for those who have recently graduated from a post-secondary program, who live with a disability, or who receive Income Support.

In , our government will announce improvements to the JobsNL Wage Subsidy to ensure that the program better meets the needs of new and small to medium-sized businesses and those seeking employment. Building for Our Future. Our Government will assess and promote new areas of mineral resources to stimulate increased activity in the mining sector.

We will also complete an assessment of mineral exploration potential based on regional and economic development considerations to identify priority areas for resource data collection and promotion. In , the core digitization process will be initiated and priority resource assessments will be undertaken.

Our Government will increase revenue generated from international education in the K system.

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As an important source of potential future residents for the province, international post-secondary students present a real economic opportunity for Newfoundland and Labrador. Post-secondary institutions attract talent and provide a gateway to our province for many motivated, innovative and entrepreneurial individuals from around the world.

To increase the number of social enterprises in Newfoundland and Labrador and enhance services for existing social enterprises, our Government will develop a Social Enterprise Action Plan, including long-term strategic goals supported by an annual work plan. Social enterprise development is another innovation tool for advancing regional growth opportunities to benefit the economy, support rural sustainability and encourage entrepreneurial governance models and service delivery.

Our Government will release a social enterprise action plan by May 31, Supporting Social Enterprise Development. Currently, our Government uses a Vendor of Record model that is comprised of partner organizations which have been approved to manage the majority of Government IT contracts. Accordingly, this model limits availability of related Government IT work to other interested companies.

The new model will allow more companies to bid on Government IT work, thereby increasing competition and choice of vendor. By , our Government will implement a Managed Service Provider approach, which will expand opportunities for local vendors to conduct work on public sector IT initiatives. Building on our commitment from Phase 1, our Government has modernized the public procurement framework and expanded opportunities for local businesses.

Our Government introduced public procurement legislation last fall, which provides increased transparency, consistency and flexibility within our procurement practices and ensures an open and competitive bidding process. In , our Government will introduce regulations under the new Public Procurement Act that will increase bidding thresholds to align with trade agreement commitments. An increase in thresholds will provide greater opportunity for acquisitions below this value to be sourced locally within Newfoundland and Labrador.

Local suppliers will also realize benefits through increased opportunities to bid on Government services that were once excluded from procurement legislation. This new legislation will build demand for the products and services of local businesses.