First Grade Math (For Homeschool or Extra Practice)

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Great for starting of classes. Estimation - Estimate a wide variety of variables. Even And Odd Numbers - Students identify even and odd numbers. Exponents - Exponent conversion and order of operations with exponents. Fractions - Greatest common factors and least common multiple worksheets. Geometry - Practice sheet include identifying congruent shapes and intersecting lines. Grid Graph Paper - Printable grid paper in all sizes. A great idea is to laminate these pages.

Fun With Mathematics - These sheets help review the basics. Fun for all occasions. In Class Labs - Students work through a range of problem solving strategies. Logarithmic Equations - You find basic to advanced skills covered in this section.

Magic Numbers - Fun activities that display patterns in numbers. Math Worksheet Generator - Make your own arithmetic, algebra, comparison, order of operations, and rounding worksheets. Mathematics Puzzles - Fun Puzzles that cover both logic and basic skills! Measurement - Great sheets for learn base 10 measurements. Also includes metric - U. Money - Counting and money word problems to help student grasp real world concepts.

Multiplication - This area was recently upgraded vastly. You will find times tables, facts, and too many to list. Multiplication Chart - These multiplication times table charts are colorful and a great resource for teaching kids their multiplication times tables. A complete set of free printable times tables for 1 to 12 in Adobe PDF format. Patterns and Sequences - Students use logic to solve shape and number patterns. Place Value - A wide array of place value exercises and activities. Ratios and Proportions - This long awaited section was just added.

We cover basics to use in word problems.

Free 1st Grade Math Worksheets

Reading Tables - Helps students interpret data tables. Also check the charts as well. Rounding - Two, three, and four digit practice sheets.

New dollar, hundreds, hundredths, tenths, thousands. Stock Market - Learn the Stock Market with these sheets. Subtraction - Your everyday this minus this equals this.

Singapore Math/Primary Mathematics

Surveys - Five ready-to-go survey labs that involve data collection, sorting, and graphing. Telling Time - Great for learning analog clocks. The site is geared for first grade through eighth grade. Try this site on for size. Break Away from the Math Book. This extensive site has hundreds of creative math projects, experiments and puzzlers for students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

File Folder Fun.

Grab some colored file folders , print the game pieces on card stock , then run them through your laminator for added durability. MathNook Math Nook hosts loads of free online math games arranged by category.

Your students can work on money, rounding, division and more. Math Ebook Math Ebook has suggestions for kindergarten all the way through high school. There are downloadable ebook tutorials along with videos to help your children learn math concepts. Search YouTube and create your own Schoolhouse Rock playlist. Kids Numbers Find games here divided into categories — addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more.

Cool Math for Kids This is filled with lessons, practice, puzzles and math games for younger children, as well as students studying algebra. Math Game Time Looking for math videos, games, and worksheets for grades K-7? Fun Brain Do your kids love arcades? Fun Brain is perfect for them.

Addition Worksheets

When you complete a level, the next one will unlock for more fun and learning. Math Play. Need some ideas for your middle schooler? Math Play has games to help review integers, linear equations, graphing and more. Toy Theater In Toy Theater, browse the teacher portion to find subject areas you want to explore: counting, time, patterns and more. For a break, check out the art, music and reading areas. What about you?