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They kill every passenger but Ailin and a young girl, whom they kidnap. Called by Ailin, Ishmael and Romli hurry to the scene of the bus attack. Ishmael kills a few of Lee's thugs who remain at the scene, but Romli is also killed.

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An Interpol agent tells Ishmael about children kidnapped by Lee's syndicate and bred to be devoted smugglers and criminal enforcers; Ishmael was one of these children. Ishmael puts down the attackers instead and escapes. Ishmael must then go to war with the syndicate to save Ailin. While traveling, he encounters Besi near a well, and it is revealed that he, Rika and Besi trained together.

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Lee would put children in the well and starve them. After a few days, he would put food in there, and the child who killed all the others to get the food would be freed.

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Ishmael tries to persuade Besi to not be on Lee's side, but Besi refuses out of loyalty. They soon enter in a fight, and Ishmael gains the upper hand. After Besi dies, Rika finds out and attacks Ishmael.

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Ishmael defeats Rika despite multiple wounds from the latter, and it is revealed that Rika was the one who shot Ishmael and gave him memory loss. When Rika holds Ishmael at gunpoint, she can't bring herself to shoot Ishmael again, and instead shoots away from Ishmael, wasting her bullets.

In the confusion, Ishmael accidentally deals Rika a mortal injury by reflexively throwing a knife. After comforting her in her dying moments, Ishmael finds Lee's hideout. Meanwhile, a henchmen is about to rape Ailin, but Ailin and the child fight him off, eventually shooting him with his own rifle. Ishmael and Ailin meet each other, and even though Ailin threatens Ishmael because she was kidnapped due to their relationship, Ishmael convinces her not to, and they embrace.

However, Lee arrives, and is enraged that Ishmael killed Rika and Besi, whom he had considered favorite "children. However, Ishmael finally beats Lee outside, and impales him on the sharp branch of a tree trunk.

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In his death throes, Lee is about to kill Ishmael by pulling him closer to the same sharp trunk, but Ailin saves Ishmael. Lee finally succumbs to his wounds, and dies.

In the aftermath, Ailin is recovering in the hospital, with Ishmael wounded severely. However, he wakes up with Ailin by his side, and Ailin smiles. Headshot was directed by Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, known as the Mo Brothers, who had never directed an action film before. In the film, every character has their own fighting style, such as silat, wushu, or brutal fighting, based on the background of the actor.

It was also screened at Mayhem Film Festival on October Headshot received generally positive reviews. Dennis Harvey of Variety wrote that "In terms of sheer, punchy physical vigor, "Headshot" is a knockout. Some reviewers considered the film repetitive, excessive, or both. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shinjiro Nishimura Wicky V. Olindo John Radel Mike Wiluan. That said, a few times per year we will be setting up headshot sessions in convenient locations on campus. Watch the events calendar on the UA website, or visit this page for new dates!

A: An email with a link to the images will be sent to the email address you listed on the sign-in page at headshot day. In some cases your supervisor may have requested you to attend headshot day. Navigate your browser to newcumulus. Simply search your last name to determine whether your photo is available.


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We have recently begun copying them on the email that goes out with each new batch of headshots. A: There is 30 minute parking in front of Rose Administration and also a faculty staff parking deck behind Rose that can be accessed from Bryant Drive.

A: On headshot day we will have the studio open from a. You are welcome to come anytime during that time-frame to have a photo made. Appointments are not necessary. A: Due to the large number of headshots we take we are unable to retouch extensively beyond a softening filter, exposure, sharpening, color correction, cropping, and so forth.

A: We are no longer taking individual appointments for headshots. Please call with questions. A: We recommend wearing solid colors with muted tones. Patterns are ok if they are subdued. Bright white tends to look washed out by our studio lights.

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