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I Know His Name is a Bible study for any woman who wants to move beyond simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way.

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Join Wendy as she teaches how the very names of God reveal His character and heart. This study will help women:.

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The Bible study book can be studied individually, or with a small group, and with or without the DVD. It is one thing to know facts about God in your head, but quite another to know Him intimately, personally, and in a close heart-to-heart relationship.

I Know His Name will enable you to develop such a closeness with God by allowing you to get to know Him through His many names used in Scripture. Wendy has an uncanny ability to combine Bible passages, personal stories, and practical application in a way that expands your faith and strengthens your walk with God. If you are serious about taking your relationship with your Creator to a place of deep connection, read and then live out the truths of this book!

There is no doubt that her book I Know His Name is going to be a huge blessing to so many and grow His kingdom even bigger. What a wonderful study! I was so blessed by how Wendy, in such a practical, helpful way, guides us through the names of God, what they mean, and how that knowledge will empower our relationship with the Lord. You too will be blessed! In others, a true name gives you a connection to the name's owner that allows you to work magic on it from a distance.

Knowing God Through His Name | Unlocking the Bible

Sometimes, a person's true name is needed if you want to work any magic on him at all. In some stories, all creatures have true names, while others limit the use of true names to certain kinds of creatures, such as fairies, demons, or dragons.

As a rule, objects do not have true names. A person's true name might be self-determined, or bestowed on him by someone else -- possibly in a religious or magical ritual. In works which feature true names prominently, people tend to guard them jealously, and will even have a second name or two or three or more, depending on the character's age for everyday use. Audiences might think that having a very long or difficult-to-pronounce true name might provide one with a shield against being enspelled, but it never occurs to characters.

There is power in knowing His Name !

Except for demons. Demonic names are frequently impossible for humans to pronounce. Contrast with Speak of the Devil , where saying a name summons the named entity, but doesn't confer any power or control over it. Compare Sympathetic Magic , where you need some other part of a person to work magic on them.

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Townfolk : "If you can get a spirit to reveal his true name, you'll render yourself impervious to his charms! What is your true name? Now, what has she sent in this envelope? Ah, of course. How droll.