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Anh's joined by anti-violence advocate Walter Mikac.

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He shares memories of his wife and two children before their lives were devastatingly cut short at Port Arthur. Beloved comedian, author and two-time Archibald Prize-winning artist Anh Do returns to paint and interview another line-up of extraordinary stars. This episode, Anh paints actress Leah Purcell.

Anh’s Brush with Fame: Aug 8

Musical comedy maestro Tim Minchin joins Anh to share his ascent from a "chubby and asthmatic" Perth boy to critical acclaim and box office success on the world stage. Can Anh capture his wit and intensity? Anh is joined by Lindy Chamberlain.

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Her wrongful conviction for the death of her daughter Azaria in is etched into our national psyche. Can Anh capture her strength and humanity?

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From the age of five, Michael Clarke dreamt of playing for Australia. Hear the personal stories behind the headlines that made him a poster boy of modern cricket. How will Anh capture his determination and schoolboy charm? Anh is joined by Australian screen legend Sigrid Thornton for an intimate chat about the people and moments that have shaped her life, world-view and career.

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  7. Quiet comic Anh Do on his new calling.

Will Anh be able to capture her range and her warmth? Dr Karl shared his passion for life and science with Australians for decades. He shares the story that led him to broadcasting while Anh endeavours to capture his natural curiosity and enthusiasm on canvas. Superstar basketballer Lauren Jackson was born to play the game.

She joins Anh to talk about the realities of life as an elite athlete with an international career. Anh hopes to capture her strong persona and femininity. John Williamson joins Anh to share his journey from farm to fame as a songwriter and performer with a passion for everything Australian.

Anh wants to capture the wisdom and warmth of this quintessential Aussie bloke. This feature is only available for subscribers. Please contact your EnhanceTV administrator or email help enhancetv. Healthy lifestyles. People who help people. This is Australia. Australian inventions. Indigenous languages.

Portrait of activist Jack Charles wins Archibald People's Choice award

The Castle. Vitamins and the supplement industry. Beach safety for secondary students. Physics experiments for primary students. How do I make a clip?

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Signout Sign in Create an account. Anh Do. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. A portrait of the Indigenous actor wins People's Choice award at Archibald's NITV News. Peter Clark, a year-old Melbourne pensioner, felt compelled to help a Noongar mum, after reading about how she had been arrested for unpaid fines after calling the police to report a family violence incident.

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Dr Scott, who was prominent in the successful campaign for the referendum, will be farewelled in Townsville later this week. Special Features. Mismanagement and the exclusion of Aboriginal Elders has lead to catastrophic results in the lower Murray Darling Basin. Domestic violence is a crime occurring in full view, affecting thousands of people yet it provokes virtually no urgency in response.

Suzanne Ingram examines why women