The Wolf at the Window

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Enjoy breakfast, lunch and Afternoon tea or a romantic candlelit dinner. We use the very best seasonal produce from our own vegetable and herb gardens and locally sourced ingredients wherever we can in our restaurants. After a day spent exploring the Reserve in your personal golf buggy, why not relax at the Treehouse Clubhouse and enjoy the roaring indoor fire in the winter, or bask in the afternoon sun on the lawns in the summer.

You can enjoy a drink from the well-stocked bar, as you chat to your fellow guests and our rangers, or play games and enjoy the warmth of the outdoor fire pits as you toast marshmallows and watch the sun set over the rhino paddocks. Later, curl up with your pack as you watch a film in the cosy cinema snug or jump on your golf buggy and explore as dusk falls upon the Reserve. See these magnificent animals during your stay. With wolves right on your doorstep there's plenty to keep you occupied but you can also see tigers, bears, giraffe, zebra and many more.

There's so much to see and do at Port Lympne that you'll want to stay longer!

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Take a safari ride, visit our landscaped gardens and maze, take in the views from the Trojan stairs and even visit our new attraction Dinosaur Forest. There's plenty to keep you entertained during your stay. In addition to your stay at Wolf Lodge, make your visit extra special by booking one of our many special experiences.

Make your stay even wilder when you book additional adventures including Ranger guided safaris, night safaris with special night vision binoculars and animal encounters! No matter how long you choose to stay with us, you'll find plenty of activities and experiences to keep everyone entertained for the duration of your stay.

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Wolf Lodge. Book Your Stay Now Model. Your Accommodation.

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Exclusive Access. The Experience. Exclusive Access Exclusive Access A stay at Wolf Lodge includes your own personal golf buggy and access to routes and pathways that are not normally open to our day visitors, so you can explore the stunning natural surroundings of the Reserve, take in the incredible views and watch the animals in style.

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Location Location Set within the acre wildlife park, Wolf Lodge is located between our award winning Treehouse Hotel and our historic four star hotel. Explore the Reserve There's so much to see and do at Port Lympne that you'll want to stay longer! Dad was still arranging the boxes for transport, I guess, because he was at this point half tumbled into the back of the car. He got up, hit his head on the car roof, pushed the hatch door down with a solid thwack.

I followed, as did my brother walking like a clown, as per usual. The four of us stared past a small precipice at the wolf, sitting forlornly near a pine tree where he might have been viewing the book fair but was now, most definitely, gazing at us. He got up, limped two steps, and sat down again, all the while keeping up his plaintive look.

Wolf at the Window Animal Ark Hauntings 7

She tossed the cigarette. We lived in a town well known for its crafty, can-do spirit. It was a survivalist town, filled with melancholy people, and the sky above was mostly white. In that town and in those years, I saw the sky as a sequence of key shapes.


This key, that key, skeleton keys, Medeco keys. Sometimes jumbles, sometimes singular. It was all very intricate, I felt, in my prolonged, or even endless, it can seem now, study. However, none of us really did have the key, so to speak, or the keys were always soft and amorphous and not ready for one little hole or secret. We labored along in our crafty survivalist lives, performing the act of a family. We were a family. And yet as with every family, while there was a tension or magnetic force keeping us close, there was an equal yearning or leaning, like a Shetland pony on a rope, away from the centripetal field.

I was in charge of bringing the wolf his vittles.

I turned on the light at the top of the stairs. We kept the wolf in the dark, although during the day some light did come in the back door. And of course when my father took him jogging he saw the light, or when my mother, alone in the house, let him out at twelve and three, into the backyard.

Turn him into what, or whom? In any case he himself, God-fearing, etc. My mother and father did agree, at that moment, on the assholeness of that veterinarian. We ended up using a sketchy vet from Norwalk—he needed the work. I flipped the light switch, and this is what I saw: the washer and dryer, a linen chest, an old dresser filled with art and random objects, the pool filter and pump, stored patio furniture, an ancient gray-green carpet.

In the middle of the carpet lay Wolfie, his head angled tragically on his now-healed front paw. He jumped up and stood whenever I appeared, half embarrassed, it seemed, to be caught unaware, or in sorrow. Oh, Wolfie—but ours was a stoic town, and we envisioned ourselves as stoic people. I put the bowl down and watched expressionlessly as he padded toward the food.


He was small for a wolf, and even weeks after his capture he still had a bit of a limp. Perhaps he was a Russian wolf. He would have looked good in the snow, in a snowy field. I went back upstairs, to the crunch of vittles.

Wolf at the Window (Animal Ark Hauntings #7)

One day about four months later—after school ended anyway, because I was waking up late the sky a brighter white than on school mornings —I looked out the window and saw Wolfie and Minerva both free in the yard. The wolf and the cat were staring at each other.

Wolfie lunged, his body blurring into an italic, and Minerva lunged too, becoming more of a dash. Within two seconds Wolfie was barking at the chain-link fence and Minerva stood on the other side, tail bristled out, looking at him with scandal and dull horror. My father would soon be gone, but for what seemed like forever he was right there, in the driveway or in the kitchen or in his office also in the basement, a small room off the central area.